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22nd-Dec-2008 03:20 pm(no subject)
Just wanted to say hello.  love the art work.
17th-Aug-2008 03:22 pm - Mermaids of the North Coast
Check it out!  Fresh Water Mermaids Blog!

13th-Aug-2008 11:07 pm - Oops!
I realized the link in my previous post went to the front page of my journal, instead of the image itself. So I'm giving it another try. Sorry about that-I'm new at a lot of this:)

Here's a preview:

Please come check it out. Comments would be appreciated.

This way to sand, surf, mermaids and sentient clams
Tengwar Watercolor
13th-Aug-2008 11:44 am - watercolor mermaid

Hello all! 

You can view my latest mermaid watercolor on my LJ page or here:

dragon girl
10th-Aug-2008 08:47 pm - Story Time At The Beach

Hi, I'm new to the community-it's great to find people who share the same interests. I just started a new art journal with my husband Phillip. For our first post we have Phillip's mermaid painting 'Story Time At The Beach.' My icon is a small version of it. Please come over and check it out. Since it's a new journal we could really use some comments, it's a little bare over there right now:)

Follow the fake cut for Story Time At The Beach.

Storytime At The Beach by Phillip
22nd-Jul-2008 11:15 am - Mermaid Books?

Hi everyone! I'm in need of a new book to read and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good mermaid novels. The only mermaid books I can ever find are children's books. :( Any suggestions would be great!

8th-May-2008 01:31 pm(no subject)

this is my famous mermaid necklace that was purchase for 8$. unfortunately the chain is a piece of crap. i've recieved endless complements on it from all of my friends and even strangers from school and work (hostess at prestigious restaurant). i want to go to a jeweler to see if they could make a replica with silver or white gold.

i plan on getting a tattoo of it on the side of my right foot, hopefully about 5 inches long. im not sure if i should leave it black and white or add color. any suggestions?
6th-Feb-2008 12:24 pm - TLM

{59 Disney's The Little Mermaid icons}
PART ONE: Under the Sea

I dunno, he looks kinda hairy and slobbery to me...
Flying Seal of Awesome
8th-Sep-2007 12:25 am(no subject)

Prints of all my work are available - just contact me :)
for more visit http://emily-e.deviantart.com
5th-Sep-2007 04:12 pm - Daughters Of Triton
# Credit jeenk_icons - My Icon Journal (& original artist too please if applicable)
(Don't know how to credit? Go here.)
# Comment (Feel free to comment even if you're not taking any.)
# No Hotlinking
# No editing without permission.
# Enjoy the icons.
# Please put all comments in my Icon Journal please. Thank you.
# Join the community to see the rest.

01. 02. 03.

01. The Mermaid In Desert (Detail) by *mahirates
02. The Mermaid v2.0 by *tattereddreams
03. Mermaid Ref Image by ~legoparanoia

More at my Icon Journal.
The Secret
2nd-Oct-2006 01:26 pm - hey new here
I'm Christa, and i've had an on & off fascination with mermaids since i was 13. i'm always having dreams about them [especialy lately...i dream that my crush/obsession is one...i had that dream all of last week...]
For my 14th birthday i got given an Ariel-little mermaid doll which i loved to bits till a 'friend' of mine cut off its hair. i only just replaced it with a new one..i know, a grown adult buying a doll but i missed my old one so much. i liked the movie as well growing up and Splash as well.
i want a tattoo of one on my back at some stage, dunno when.
i just love them heaps.
Alice | Lost Highway
15th-Jul-2006 02:36 pm - Hey, I´m new
I just wanted to share this great link:


Have fun!
14th-Jul-2006 12:16 pm - 4
Aquarius - Within Temptaion

I hear your whispers
Break the silence and it calms me down.
Your taste on my lips,
Your salty kisses.

They say I'm seeking out the danger.
That one day you won't let me go,
I'll drown, you'll take me down.

I need you Aquarius,
Enchanted I will have to stay.
I feel you Aquarius,
Cause you the sea set me free.
You call to me Aquarius.
You call to me, you set me free.

I relinquish to your powers.
From your grasp, I just can't hide.
I missed the danger I had to conquer.
You made me feel alive.

They say I have to be aware,
That one day you won't let me go,
I'll drown, you'll take me down.

I need you Aquarius,
Enchanted I will have to stay.
I feel you Aquarius,
Cause you the sea set me free.
You call to me Aquarius.

I long for you Aquarius.
I need to be with you again.
I fear you, Aquarius
My destiny until the end of time.

I need you Aquarius,
Enchanted I will have to stay.
I feel you Aquarius,
Cause you the sea set me free.
You call to me Aquarius.


Amazing band. You should check them out. ;)
13th-Jul-2006 12:16 pm - 3
I think that this has got to be my favorite mermaid poem ever.


Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes:
Nothing of him that doth fade
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.
Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell
Burthen Ding-dong
Hark! now I hear them,--Ding-dong, bell.

-- excerpt from the Tempest by William Shakespeare


If you haven't read the Tempest, I strongly suggest that you do. The entire play is breathtakingly amazing. You can read it here.
sea nymphe
13th-Jul-2006 08:56 am - 2
Painting by Chris Achilleos.


Click to view fullsize image.
12th-Jul-2006 12:34 pm - Mod Post
Welcome to the mermaidens! I'll start this place off. I come offering a lovely mermaid picture from Monstrous, one of my personal favorites. If anyone could tell me the name of the artist, I would appreciate it.


Click to view fullsize image.

Here's a bit of my mermaid history/thoughts:

I've always been intirigued by them, starting back when I was a tiny child. My cousin his13lessings and I would play mermaids all the time, especially when we went swimming. It was our obsession. I would wish so hard to become a mermaid. As I grew older, I never lost that passion. Looking back through all my old picture folders, I can find many mermaid sketches. I tried to figure out how a mermaid would live, and what their anatomy would be. I always wondered how merfolk were born, and I've come up with many ideas. I do not believe that mermaids exist in reality, but I don't live in reality. In my world, merfolk thrive and live below us.

Okay, now that I've gone, it's your turn! Feel free to contribute.
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